Odyssey (Aether Edition) Playing Cards on Kickstarter

After the success of the First Edition and Boreal Edition Odyssey Playing Cards, Feel the Universe Card Company has just released the Aether Edition on Kickstarter. Funded in under 8 hours, the Odyssey Aether Edition is the darkest deck in the series thus far, designed to let you feel the darkness and the shadows in your hands.

On the design of the new edition, founder Sergio Roca Martínez told Kardify,
The new back design shows a new and unique red nebula inspired by the red aether from Marvel's Thor The Dark World film and comics. Also, the name of this edition is inspired by this red substance.

Aether consists of 54 cards and features custom suits, aces, courts, 2 Jokers and a minimalistic tuck. Sergio continued,
The tuck case is what I am most proud of. This year we choose a really high-quality material, black matt and red foil, a perfect combination. It shows elegance and minimalism with some futuristic touches which express strength and presence. 

Odyssey Aether Edition will be printed by Hanson Chien Production Co. on their Luxury paper stock similar to that of the Odyssey Boreals. The finish of the Aether Edition will be on the brand new Legendary finish. Available now on Kickstarter for €8 (~USD$9.50).


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