Cardistry-Con 2018 Playing Cards

The Cardistry-Con 2018 Playing Cards are now available on Art of Play. Released in conjunction with the event, this exclusive deck is inspired by vintage Hong Kong graphic design in red colorway. Images provided by antno. Find more of his cool images on Instagram (@antno_).

The deck is designed by Los Angeles based cardistry brand Entry. The semi-custom deck features an original custom back and ace of spades in a retro monochrome colorway.

The indices and courts are standard but recolored to match the overall color palette of the deck.

Printed by the United States Playing Card Co. on thin stock preferred by cardists. The decks are available now for $15 on ArtofPlay.com. Limited Edition of 4,000. Like previous Cardistry-Con decks, we expect these to sell out. Don't miss out!

Images provided by @antno_. Find more of his cool images on Instagram (@antno_). 

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