Jaspas Releases Broken Borders 2019 Playing Cards

NDO's popular Broken Borders Playing Cards has returned with a brand new colorway. The 2019 version of Broken Borders features the iconic stripes in contrasting deep green and fresh red colorway, with vintage-looking borders and faces reminiscent of a classic Victorian color palette.

Like its predecessor, Broken Borders features design elements that overlap the borders of the cards, these cards are dramatic and bold. It doesn't matter which side you're fanning with - the stripes that carry over from the backs onto the faces of the cards will give you that dazzling bullseye aesthetic.

Broken Borders 2019 Playing Cards brings an exciting new combination of stock and finish to the table. Jaspas brought back the finish from the Jaspas Deck Cardistry-con Edition. Available now from newdeckorder.com for $13.


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