All the New Decks Spotted at Cardistry-Con Portland

Cardists from around the world have gathered in Portland for Cardistry-Con 2019. At this year's event, a few cool decks were revealed and released. Check it out:

MPC The ONE (Cardistry-Con 2019)

Official Cardistry-Con NOC

Isometric X Trix

Fontaine Chocolate Edition

ORBIT CC First Edition

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ANYONE Cap Logos

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ANYONE Houndstooth (Image by @Socal.playing.cards)

Official Cardistry-Con 2019: CCC Edition (Image by @Socal.playing.cards)


MYTURN Hotel and Casino (Image by @Socal.playing.cards)

ANYONE Holo Mirror

Fontaine Futures

Mystery decks with the possiblity of 6 different outcomes: Glitch (1 of 1000), Polka (1 of 1500), 500 (1 of 500), Window (1 of 2000), Floral (1 of 2500) and Parrot (1 of 2000)

DIVE French Edition

BLOC Plush Edition

Squeezers V2 Lemonade

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