Fontaine Futures Releases Today!

When Zach Mueller unveiled the sleek Fontaine Future trailer on Day 2 of Cardistry-Con Portland, the room went WILD. Joined by the likes of Franco Pascali and Michael "MyTurn" Stern, the sleek trailer was a 120-second teaser featuring a new product offering not seen in the playing cards industry.

The decks will be released today (9th August 2PM PST) and we expect these to sell within the first 10 minutes! The decks are packed in a sealed anti-static shielding plastic pouch, giving it a futuristic look. Six different decks are on offer for the "blind packs": Glitch (1 of 1000), Polka (1 of 1500), 500 (1 of 500), Window (1 of 2000), Floral (1 of 2500) and Parrot (1 of 2000).

Special packaging is included if you purchase 12 Fontaine Futures. Some of the Fontaine Futures that were sold in Cardistry-Con have popped-up on eBay for 4x the original price of $15. With a total 9,500 decks which translate to an equal amount of blind pack, these WILL go fast!

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