MyTurn Hotel and Casino Playing Cards

Released last week on myturn.global, MyTurn Hotel and Casino is a change in direction for popular cardistry personality, Michael "My Turn" Stern after releasing 2 editions of My Turn Mixtape.

MyTurn Hotel and Casino Playing Cards is the first in the series of decks inspired by old Vegas Casinos and Hotels reengineered for cardistry in mind. The deck was initially released at Cardistry Con 2019 and combines a nostalgic retro design and high-quality modern printing techniques.

On the inspiration behind the design, MyTurn told Kardify,
I always grew up collecting and admiring old Vegas casino decks. So I went back to my collection and studied old designs and came to the reworked classic back you now see.

MyTurn Hotel and Casino playing cards feature custom tuck, mirrored card backs, Ace of Spades and Jokers. Since this is a casino-inspired deck, the pips, indices, and courts are pretty much standard.

I personally love the idea behind the MyTurn Hotel and Casino. The retro look and feel is a nice touch. Check out some of the teaser promo on MyTurn's Instagram.

The deck is a refreshing addition to cardistry as we have seen numerous deck releases with abstract art and minimalist design. Check out the  teaser video below:

Available NOW from myturn.global for $15. Every purchase of 6 decks will be packed in a limited collectors box. Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. on crushed stock. Limited Edition of 2,500.


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