Alphabet Playing Cards by Mano Santa

Alphabet Playing Cards is the second release from Mexico-based cardistry brand ManoSanta. Alphabet is completely different from their debut deck, 45s Playing Cards, which sports three bold connected design- the horizontal, the vertical and the curve on the card backs.

Alphabet is made of fifty-six cards with different back designs. The unique back design sports a metallic blue colorway in the background with white letters littered throughout, bordered in black trim and hand made logos for each card in red detail.

The face cards are pretty much standard with the color palette of the red courts updated with red instead of the traditional black. The deck is packaged in an attractively retro aesthetic tuck box with the word 'Alphabet' printed sideways down the left side.

Loving the change in direction for ManoSanta for the second deck. Compared to the 45s, the Alphabet deck looks and feels more fun! Printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co. on thin stock preferred by cardists. Limited Edition of 2,500.

Available NOW from artofplay.com for $13.

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