Squeezers Playing Cards V2 Private Release

Yass! Squeezers Playing Cards is back with V2 and this time featuring lemonade from Alex's Lemonade Stand! Just in time before summer ends! The deck was originally sighted at this year's Cardistry-Con in Portland.

Squeezers playing cards are a fun deck with bright color palette and recognizable semi-custom vibrant court cards! This deck is perfect for any magician or cardist.

According to the product page,
Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a non-profit that raises money and awareness for kids with Leukemia. For every deck we sell we will be donating $1 to their foundation. Our goal is the raise the maximum $5k for Alex’s Lemonade Stand and then go meet their Hero’s (the children being affected) and show them the art of cards.

Here's what we like about this drop! If you purchase 6 decks you will receive a cool custom half brick box that looks and smells like a carton of lemonade. Brilliant!

Printed by USPCC on the same stock as Bee Playing Cards. Limited Edition of 5000.

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