Odyssey Elite Playing Cards

Odyssey Elite Edition Playing Cards are the most futuristic deck in the Odyssey series. In collaboration with Nekso Design, a creative studio based in Valencia, Spain, the deck has been given a facelift from the previous editions. The deck is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter and is going strong having raised 180% against the goal of $8.3k.

In contrast to the other decks in the Odyssey series, Elite comes with a beautiful exclusive tuck case never seen before, updated new face designs and beautiful aesthetic borders.

Odyssey’s Elite back design shows how minimalism and futurism can be combined with striking colorway to create a simple yet aesthetically stylish card back. Like every edition, the team maintained its iconic diagonal stripe. Inspired by sci-fi, the courts are mechanized and comes with armored, conveying what the future will bring to us.

The best thing about this deck is a unique tuck box crafted exclusively for the Odyssey Elite Edition- diagonal opener and impressive design. A new thicker cardboard is used for longer durability.

The Odyssey Elite Edition will be printed by Cartamundi for the first time. Limited edition of 5000 units. Available now on Kickstarter and pledge starts at €11.

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