Slicers Playing Cards Released!

Slicers are the latest release from the cool guys at Organic Playing Cards. Just in time for the last few weeks of fall, the team wanted to make a deck that captured their favorite season and what better way to do that than apples!

Freshly picked from the Organic Orchard, slicers feel crisp and smooth just like a Granny Smith apple. The card backs sports a striking red colorway and the traditional courts have been updated with new color palette. Oh.. instead of weapons, the courts now have fall treats like caramel apples and apple cider on their hands.

Like all their previous releases, the tuck box is brilliant... an apple crate to keep the deck secure.

Printed by the USPCC on Bee Stock with a premium finish. If you purchase a half brick you get them in a special SCENTED picnic basket. Also, included is a Nibbler sticker and a note from Grandma. Available on riffleshuffle.com.

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