Discounted Snackers Blackberry for the next 72 Hours!

Organic Playing Cards have just released their first deck of 2020! Snackers Blackberry Flavor is the second deck in the Snackers series and they added a couple of different things this time.

The deck sports a unique purple/lilac colorway with the card backs, standard suits, and traditional courts updated with the color palette to the overall theme of the deck. Instead of weapons, the courts now have blackberry treats and juice on their hands.

Like before, the decks come in a re-sealable fruit snack bag, but this time essential oil is used to make sure the scent stayed in the bag! Also, a Half Brick Box is available to put your fruit snack bags in.

Another fun, and colorful deck for your card flourishes! Printed by USPCC on Bee Stock with a premium finish. Limited run of 3,000 decks. Check out the trailer below, featuring Sean O.

Available now from RiffleShuffle.com for $8.95 for the next 48 hours.

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