The New Virtuoso P1 Deck Released for Pre-Order!

The Virts have just unveiled Virtuoso P1; the first special edition Virtuoso deck, and the first of Virtuoso’s brand new Perspective Series. The deck sports a brand new PRISM back design — an Adaptive Aesthetics innovation inspired by the way a prism splits light into a spectrum of color. According to The Virts on social media,

The deck is a celebration of the past fused with our vision of Cardistry’s future, the Virtuoso P1 visually accentuates the art in ways both nostalgic and new.

PRISM draws from the most iconic elements of past Virtuoso decks and seamlessly merges them into a single futuristic design. It then transforms the flat surface of each card into a three-dimensional array. The design is easily recognizable and gives cardists a visual connection to the brand. The familiar design paired with the use of shades and shadows gives the card back a sense of depth.

The Virtuoso P1 is available now for pre-order for a special price of $19 (instead of $22), as well as your first P1 for free! Note that the production of the Virtuoso P1 might take up to four months, followed by the process of packing and shipping. This means that orders are estimated to reach your doorstep in January 2021 — about 5 months from now.

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