The Highly Anticipated Orbit V8's Released


The highly anticipated Orbit V8's are now AVAILABLE for sale! The deck has generated quite some excitement and hype amongst fans and cardists alike when first teased on social media in Sept last year. 

The latest iteration of the iconic Orbit decks are inspired by the spirit of space exploration and the towering Martian mountains from beyond Earth's atmosphere, the Orbit V8 boasts a wide gamut of orangish navy colors while simultaneously commenting on how far we’ve explored into space, and where we’ve yet to go. 

The Orbit crew can be pictured near the rover on the back design amidst the mountains. The orbit decks sports a prominent central O symbol, which boldly defines the Orbit brand decks. In the new Edition, the new Mars design element has been added to the card backs. 

Following “suit” with the V7s, the Orbit crew have decided to put out a limited number of V8 Parallel edition sets. Designed to be the “inverse” of the main deck, this is a must-have for collectors and Orbit enthusiasts who want to complete the line of orbit decks. 


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