Kardify's Second Collab Deck, Nara Playing Cards

Introducing Nara, our second deck in collaboration with Murphy's Magic. Cardistry is a mesmerizing art form, in which a cardist creates fascinating display through the movement of playing cards. To celebrate the visual art form, we have crafted this equally visually appealing deck, Nara. 

Nara's wave-like element has been specially designed for optimal cardistry performances by Ade Suryana. The vibrant blue and pink colorway will enhance any flourish and fan, while spreads will turn heads with the continuous wave design throughout. 

The Ace of Spades and Jokers are custom while the standard pips and court cards have been recolored with blue and pink color palettes. 

The wave design element of deck can be found on the wardrobe of the courts and as a subtle background of the face cards, giving a sense of continuity when fan or spread. 

Nara celebrates the mesmerizing beauty of card flourishing and will add accent to your EDC with a vibrant color palette. Printed by The United States Playing Card Company, Air-Cushion finish. Limited edition of 2500 decks. Releasing 31st March from your favorite Murphy's Magic Retailers.


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