Sold Out! Gettin’ Spicy and Saucy Playing Cards


This is Organic Playing Cards' BIGGEST release yet! The OPC team released the Gettin’ Spicy and Saucy Playing Cards yesterday and they were sold out in less than 24 hours! The release features two unique decks. From the product page, 
IN THE RED CORNER! We have #teamspicy. This deck has been a highly requested concept from us! Especially from the Chili Pepper OPC Hangout Group! This deck is for those who can handle the heat and like the pain!

AND IN THE GREEN CORNER! We have #teamsaucy. This deck has also been highly requested from our community! This deck is for those how are cool, calm, and collected. More about the flavor than the knock-out punch!

Both decks come with a completely two-way mirrored card back featuring the spicy Chilly pepper and the saucy Jalapeno in striking red and green colorway, respectively. 

Like all OPC's releases, the re-colored courts have slight customization and they are recognizable and fun for magic, cardistry, and family game night! 

You can buy either deck individually, but if you like them both we have made a custom SPLIT HALF-BRICK BOX that has 3 Gettin’ Saucy and 3 Gettin’ Spicy decks inside!
We printed 3000 of each deck which makes this our biggest release yet at 6k decks available! 


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