ANYONE's Smoke & Mirrors Drops Online Today


ANYONE will release the reimagined Smoke & Mirrors V4, V5, and V6 re-reprint in collaboration with the Buck twins today (2nd August) at 7pm CEST. The decks were originally released at the ANYONE Showroom in Copenhagen, Denmark last week.

The original Smoke & Mirrors brand playing cards were designed to be a personal deck for Buck twins, Dan and Dave. Back in 2007, the beautiful deck is custom-tailored to their taste with original art by Si Scott. The minimalist version of the Mirror deck is set for a comeback as a reprint by cardistry group, Anyone Worldwide. 

The reprints come in 3 colorways, Green (V4), Blue (V5), and Red (V6). Each comes with a minimalist tuck box with Dan and Dave's logo prominently featured. The same design is showcased on the card backs with bold white borders and checkered background on each version's respective colorway. Meanwhile, the face cards are pretty much standard but the word Anyone embedded within the royals. The Ace of Spades and Jokers are custom. 

Available today (2nd August) 19:00 CEST on anyoneworldwide.com

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