What is MATERIA 001 – Deep Sea?

The guys at Cardistry Touch have been teasing a series of cryptic images over the past two weeks. It all started with an image of a monolith, followed by news articles of these mysterious monoliths appearing around the globe. 

This led to the discovery of a mysterious well-funded energy company called INNERGIZE. For those with a keen eye for clues, logging into the company's website is rewarded with a sample of Cardistry Touch's new deck, MATERIA. 

So, what exactly is MATERIA? MATERIA is not just a new deck, but a new line of Cardistry Cards. According to their social media post, 

We realized that our products can be expensive for some of our customers, and this is mainly due to the very high production cost of our iconic “Swivel Box”. For that reason, we decided to go with a standard box on this, to reduce those costs and be able to offer a more affordable deck.


DEEP SEA features a bold and minimal design, with a simple rectangle shape repeated on the backs and the fronts. This consistency between both faces of the cards will enhance motions and make it easier to focus on the actual moves and understand even complex cuts. To complement this idea, the strong contrasts between backs and fronts will also make packets pop out even more. The faces are also created with spreads and fans in mind, creating different rhythms depending on the way you fan. 


Also, the team has decided to make MATERIA unlimited. That means the deck will ALWAYS be in stock. It might not be this exact version, but if you’re willing to get a deck of the collection, you’ll be able to do so, at any time. The post continues, 

Having very limited decks is also the standard in our industry, but it can be frustrating for our customers who are not able to get them on time.


MATERIA 001 – DEEP.SEA will be available now on cardistrytouch.com, for €11.95.


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