Peelers V4 Released!

Peelers. The deck line that started it all for Organic Playing Cards now sports a futuristic metallic blue colorway! The Peelers V4 features a custom tuck box, mirrored card backs, Ace of Spades, and Jokers. 

The standard courts are slightly modified, making this deck perfect for Cardistry, magic, and game nights with friends and family.

OPC got to make this deck everything they wanted Peelers V1 to be while at the same time making it different enough to keep the rarity and integrity of the OG Peelers V1. From the product page,

We wanted to give all of our new audience members a chance to get their hands on a deck of Peelers so that everyone feels a part of the family! So we printed 7K of them! The Peelers line is a fan favorite and our community is one of the best in cards! So if you want yours make sure to get them as soon as you can! Don’t let these peels SLIP away!

This deck is also part of the OPC Passport Program. With any purchase of 11 decks or fewer decks, you will receive 1 passport and 1 Peelers V4 holographic seal and with any purchase of 12 decks or more, you will receive 2 passports and 2 Peelers V4 holographic seals! 

Printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock and available now for $8.95 from riffleshuffle.com.


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