Spongebob X Fontaine Drops Tomorrow


Fontaine cards have joined forces with Nickelodeon's beloved cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants for a colorful deck of playing cards. Taking Zach Mueller‘s appreciation for the beloved cartoon and making it into a physical product, the deck will feature the characters from the fictional underwater town of Bikini Bottom- SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Squidward, to Sandy Cheeks, Gary and Mr. Krabs on the face cards.

The playful card backs come with the iconic Fontaine 'F's with the flower-shaped clouds of Bikini Bottom in the background. SpongeBob’s porous yellow face is featured in front of the tuck box. 

Also, there are two different bricks available- SpongeBob’s house or Squidward’s house for 12 deck orders. Decks will be printed at USPCC on premium crushed stock. Limit of 2 of each brick per customer.

The SpongeBob X Fontaine deck is set to release as a 24-hour pre-order via fontainecards.com on Saturday, January 15th. Due to rights, ONLY orders with US ADDRESSES will be accepted - no international addresses can be processed. 

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