Here Are a Few Things You Should Know About Ventus Playing Cards

After months of generating excitement and hype on Instagram (@lotusinhand), Taiwan-based cardistry group, LotusinHand is set to release their first deck, Ventus Playing Cards on 29th April 2018 for pre-order.

The deck features a modern design with a dark blue/white colorway. The semi-borderless back design with a center vortex design accentuate the cards in cuts and spins, making flourishes hypnotizing. The face cards have been simplified and updated with the color palette of the deck. Here are 5 things you didn't know about Ventus Playing Cards:

1. The deck features colored stripes on the upper right and lower left corners of the faces.
This way when you do a fan with the faces you get three colored bans across the face of the fan.

2. The card backs have one of the most seamless semi-borderless design,
where the borders melt into the design and form a vortex.

3. Enhanced look.
The whole deck, from the back to the faces and even the ad cards are designed specifically to enhance the look of spins.

4. The deck will be printed in Taiwan 
with the factory's new softer and thinner Luxury stock and will also use their new finish, which when we last asked has no name yet. But it definitely leads to an improvement in terms of longevity of the deck when it comes to fans and spreads.

5. The designer.
The deck is designed by Red Dot Award-winning designer Bailiang (Instagram: @bailiang_huang), who drew inspiration from patterns of flowers when designing our deck's back design.


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