Benji Taylor and Franco Pascali Have Teamed Up To Launch ENTRY

Benji Taylor and magician Franco Pascali teamed up and create ENTRY, a brand new playing card company aimed at the modern cardist. On the branding and the new company, Franco told Kardify,
Entry is all about the simplicity. Why do many things poorly when we can do one well. We only sell playing cards and this makes 100% of our focus go towards design and content.
Thier first deck, Entry 01 — ‘Drops’ have certainly gained lots of attention on social media and sold out within an hour of release yesterday.

A year in the making, the design of the deck looks amazing in motion! The eye-catching back design features a fluid and seamless shape in a deep blue, red and green colorway. The court cards are standard but have been recolored to match the color palette of the deck to give it a unified look throughout.

The Ace of Spades featured in Entry 01 combines the best elements of the back design. The result is a design with the perfect amount of detail that doesn’t appear overpowering.

The unique tuck of Entry 01 comes with a custom designed number system that identifies the deck without disturbing the layout or logo placement, allowing for a timeless, infinitely scalable solution to box designs.

We are really excited by the possibilities ENTRY will bring to the industry – suddenly simplicity and clean modern playing card design become possible on a mass scale not just for cardistry.

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