The Virts Say Goodbye To Kevin Ho

Kevin Ho (Instagram: @visualmadness) announces his departure from the group after almost a decade. Popular cardistry group, The Virts have found themselves a member short after prominent member, Kevin Ho announced that he is leaving the group for good in pursuit of other projects.

It's time to move on for the 30-year-old Singapore-born cardist, who has been a part of the group since 2009. He hasn't revealed exactly what his future plans are, but he will be sorely missed.

Thanks for everything, @thevirts - it’s been a good run. On to the next big adventure 🚀

In 2009, Kevin, Huron, Daren, Joshua, and Jeremy came together to form the core of The Virts. But it was with Kevin's influence that the group's landmark video 'Air Time' came about in 2015, featuring the iconic Virtuoso SS15 deck.

The group's popularity has only grown with 2013's Virtuoso SS13 deck and incredible card flourishes video going viral on social media. I want to personally wish Kevin Ho all the best in his future endeavors and hopes he achieves his dream! ;)

The official statement by The Virts below:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbye and thank you, Kevin. ❤️

This announcement isn't an easy one to make, but we felt that it was finally the right time to do so:  Kevin is no longer a part of Virtuoso as he has decided to head in a different direction.
As many of you know, Kevin is one of the best Cardists in the world, and we're thankful for all the great work we’ve done together with him. So while his future plans are not linked to Virtuoso in any way, we know that Kevin will bring his incredible talent (and terrible puns😂) to anything that he pursues. Goodbye and thank you, Kevin. We’ll miss your bad jokes and puns. And while they make us sad, it makes us sadder to realize that it’s you we’ll miss the most.
Kev, we wish you all the best for your new journey ahead. Take care man. We love you.❤️

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