Thoughts on the Cardistry Touch PULSE Deck

Recently I managed to get our hands on the Limited Edition Cardistry-Con PULSE deck by Cardistry Touch to see how they look and feel. Visually, the deck sports a darker tone to the ORIGINS and instead of the repeating triangular red/blue patterns, the deck features diagonal speed line patterns with a contrasting orange/yellow accent on the right corner.

Due to the darker contrasting colors, PULSE is definitely more eye-catching. Displays, fans, and springs stand out more especially with the orange/yellow accents.

Like Origins, the face cards have a unique one-way repeating geometric design on each card. However, the darker color palette means the geometric shapes are muted and subdued. A red/orange pattern in the middle and the bottom right gives the face cards a touch of fun and youthful energy.

Printed by Cartamundi on the popular C9 stock, the handling is incredible- smooth and snappy! Fanning and springing the cards feel really satisfying especially with the sound of the cards springing through the air.

The cards are kept secured in a unique swivel tuck box. Personally, I am not a fan of the swivel box as I find the motion of opening the tuck and removing the deck a little unnatural. However, it does look really cool and sure to turn heads when you pop those PULSE cards out of the tuck.

Overall, an excellent deck that handles incredibly well with an eye-catching design that is sure to turn heads for your card flourishes.

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