Fontaine Carrots V2 Sold Out!

Carrots v2 by Anwar Carrots edition Fontaines are the 13th deck of Fontaine Cards by Zach Mueller, made in collaboration with Carrots by Anwar Carrots (Instagram: @carrotsbyanwarcarrots). Carrots v2 sports a black colorway with subtle orange carrot images on the card backs with the iconic Fontaine ‘f’.

Every purchase of 12 decks of Carrots v2 includes 1 complimentary deck of Carrots v3 “Red/Black” standard edition (only 2,500 printed) and a custom brick box. These will NOT be sold separately.

oh... the v3s will never be sold online with the exception of the GOLD gilded v3 editions, limited edition of 200. These will be the ONLY versions of v3 available to purchase online for $100. A limited run of 10,000 Carrot v2 decks printed, with 5,000 released and sold out on two separate drop times.

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