The Evolution of Odyssey Playing Cards

It all started when Sergio Roca decided to design a deck just form his personal use. A deck not only feels good but looks good as well! The first time he showed the card backs of Odyssey First Edition on YouTube, everybody loved it. Sergio told Kardify,
This was really unexpected and something incredible to me because I knew that this decks was really different to the other deck in the market, 5 years ago.

Encouraged by numerous messages and feedback, Sergio decided to design every card of this deck. He continued,
Not just for me, but also for my followers. I designed the royals, jokers, suits and aces. The card backs and tuck were redesigned to ensure consistency with the theme. 
The idea was to create a minimal, futuristic and elegant deck of cards. Everything followed the same essence and main idea... to feel the universe.

The limited edition Odyssey First Edition became a reality.
Thanks to 232 backers who supported me on Kickstarter, this was one of the best moments in my life!

 Fast forward to a year after that, Sergio decided to contribute to the cardistry community once again.
This time, it had to be special. I needed to make something different but keep the essence of the new brand. Why not create a deck inspired by the most beautiful phenomenon in this planet- The Aurora Borealis.

The result- Odyssey Boreal Edition! A new impressive card back, new tonalities... and a different way to feel the universe.

Aether Edition was the third. In this case Sergio wanted to contrast the second edition (Boreal) as much as possible. From the light to darkness.
I think we got it right. We evolved in some ways: the quality of the tuck box increased a lot! We used one of the best black matt paper stock, embossed and metallic foil. Also, the card paper stock was one of the thinnest ever made. In conclusion, a different feelings in all aspects.

Last year, Sergio decided to make something new, but not just a new edition. Sergio explained,
I wanted to reach all communities, especially the magic community, by making the most complete Odyssey deck.

In collaboration with the incredible Antno Creative who helped a lot with the design process, the Odyssey Nova playing cards were born.
We enhanced the card suits by giving them a more mature shape but keeping the essence of Feel The Universe from the previous editions. The new suits have been inspired by our logo and the new color palette is closer to red and black.
Also, Sergio and Antno designed a new back that is a reminiscence of the first edition but with more detail, depth and different color palette.

The courts have been updated with the magic community in mind, hence, they are standard and easily recognizable for magic routines. In addition, the Odyssey Nova comes with a blank card, new jokers and a great tuck box with the same quality as Aether Edition. Sergio concludes,
Some elements have changed, other evolved, but our essence will stay forever. Feel the universe in your hands.
Available NOW on Kickstarter. The project hit its funding goal within 24 hours of launch. Pledge starts at €9.

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