Cartamundi Completes The Aquisition Of The USPCC

HUGE news for the start of 2020! Cartamundi has completed the acquisition of The United States Playing Card Company (USPC) on December 31, 2019. The combination of Cartamundi and USPC brings together unrivaled playing card expertise and brands to provide a broader range of products to the growing global playing card community.

This acquisition marks the addition of the iconic Bicycle®, Bee®, Hoyle®, and Fournier® brands to the Cartamundi brands portfolio and is in line with Cartamundi’s strategy to strengthen its role as a key player in the global entertainment industry. According to Stefaan Merckx, CEO of Cartamundi,

This is an exciting time for Cartamundi. The addition of USPC immediately allows us to take advantage of growing playing card sales in the U.S. USPC’s leading position in Spain is highly complementary with Cartamundi’s European footprint and fits perfectly in our plans for strategic growth.

The United States Playing Card Company employs over 350 people and has manufacturing facilities in the U.S. city of Erlanger (Kentucky) and the Spanish city of Vitoria (Àlava). In 2018 USPC realized net sales of approximately 112 million US dollars. USPC CEO Michael Slaughter will assume membership on the Cartamundi Executive Committee.

Our commitment to delighting consumers, cardists, magicians and casino players with world-class quality remains our mission.

The combined heritage of Cartamundi, USPC, and Fournier is unrivaled in the playing cards industry. 2020 Is the 50th anniversary for Cartamundi, while Fournier celebrates its 150th anniversary. In 2020, the Bicycle brand will mark 135 years as the most widely recognized and used consumer card brand. Today these brands continue the legacy. The renewed interest in card magic, the rise of the specialty and custom cards, and the rapidly evolving cardistry trend, offer strong growth potential for the group.

With the addition of USPC and Fournier, the Cartamundi group operates 13 manufacturing facilities and has expected revenue of over $ 550 million. Today, the Cartamundi group employs over 2,500 people on 4 continents. This vast manufacturing network enables Cartamundi to deliver on its local commitment. A commitment to its customers, but also to the local economy and environment. Stefaan Merckx, CEO of Cartamundi said,

Being close to our customers enables us to serve their needs best. It is by being in-market where you discover trends that facilitate growth.

Article originally published on Kardify.com.

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