Claim Your FREE FW17 Virtuoso Deck!

To celebrate the season of giving, the guys at The Virts are giving you an awesome Cardistry gift... one deck FW17 Virtuoso Playing Cards. The FW17 Virtuoso deck is the last deck of Virtuoso’s Phase One. The team set aside the remaining decks for months to celebrate the journey with a final release.

​For the 48 hours, instead of $14, you'll pay absolutely nothing for your first deck. You'll only need to pay for shipping. After you add your gift deck to your cart, you can also buy more decks and Cardistry tutorials as add-ons. That being said, you DO NOT have to buy anything if you don’t want to. You can simply claim your gift deck and walk away. Also, order 12 decks or more, and you also get free shipping for your entire order! Head to thevirts.com to claim your FREE deck.

The FW17 Virtuoso deck sports a black and green, and also "pays homage to the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck in more ways than one." Taking Adaptive Aesthetics to the next level, the deck features a brand new multi-faceted design forming a fluid yet rhythmic patterns in spreads and displays... and paints the air with incredibly expressive movements across countless other moves from cuts to cascades. Check out the viral trailer below:

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