Check Out the SPECIAL EDITION Brain Dead Fontaines!

After raising $67,278 in 24 hours for BLM with the Chocolate Fontaine Playing Cards, Zach Mueller has just announced the SPECIAL EDITION Brain Dead Fontaines.

Zach has teamed up with Brain Dead to make a Special Edition deck for BLM. While normally the Fontaine brand do extremely limited print runs, this is an exception. According to Zach on the product page,

The goal is to raise as much as we can in deck pre-orders in the next 48 hours for BLM. After 48 hours, on June 10th at 12:00pm PST, sales will close so we can submit the order. The decks will take 2-3 months to produce and ship.

The deck features fully custom design with a grungy look and feel taking a cue from the post-punk, underground comic, and skateboarding subculture of the Brain Dead brand. The deck will be in a black/white colorway.

Printed at the United States Playing Card Co. Available now for pre-order on fontainecards.com for $20. 100% of profits will go to BLACKLIVESMATTER.COM

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