Fontaine Raised Over $67k for BLM

Earlier this week, Zach Mueller released the Chocolate Fontaines five days ago and donated 100% of proceeds to Black Lives Matter. Zach raised a whopping $67,278 in 24 hours! On the Fontaine Card Instagram account, Zach thanked the community,

Thank you. We couldn’t have done this without the cardistry community. We all must take a stance on what is right. 

The Chocolate Fontaines were sold on fontainecards.com for $15 each. The deck was originally released at Cardistry-Con, Portland but the hype of the Fontaine Futures overshadowed the limited release. Since then, cardists have been wondering when the remaining stock will be made available. According to Zach the delay was a result of a printing error,

Chocolate Fontaines dropped last July at Cardistry-Con, but only 3,000 were released. USPCC misprinted the remaining 7,000, and it took them a month or so to reprint them. By that time, we were busy with Fontaine Futures and Guess Sport, so we saved them for a rainy day.

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