Fontaine Teases Insane NEW Collab Deck!

Fontaine Cards dropped an insane trailer of the brand new Fontaine collab with Babylon, a contemporary fashion and streetwear brand. The SPOTLIGHT video teases the new deck with a minimal white tuck box design and a white card back featuring the iconic 'f' in black and thin black borders. The face cards look to be a contrasting black colorway with standard pips and courts. The Ace of Spades and Jokers will most likely be custom.

Here's the kicker.. in the second part of the trailer, a UV torchlight is produced and...

The deck is 'activated' with the Babylon brand logo revealed on the white spaces of the tuck AND card backs! Genius!

The deck will be on Saturday (29th August) at the Fontaine flagship store in LA and online on fontainecards.com on Sunday (30th August). These are expected to go EXTREMELY fast! Watch the trailer below.

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