Sold Out! Squeezers V3 Grapefruit Edition

The team at Organic Playing Cards dropped Squeezers V3 Grapefruit edition yesterday and 5,000 decks were sold out in just 4 hours! 

Squeezers playing cards are a fun deck with a bright contrasting color palette and recognizable semi-custom vibrant court cards! Perfect for any magician or cardist. 

Squeezers V3 sports a deep orange and contrasting metallic blue colorway on the box, pips, and courts. This deck comes with two identical jokers, a double backer, and a duplicate 8 of hearts! 

Similar to Squeezers V2, when you order 6 decks of Squeezers, they will come in a custom half brick carton! This one will also be scented to smell like grapefruit. 

Printed by USPCC on the same stock as Bee Playing Cards.

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