Virtuoso P1 Foundations (Crimson Edition) Revealed!

In a series of drip emails in the past few weeks, Huron Low from the Virts has revealed their new deck- Virtuoso P1 Foundations playing cards. According to Huron,
The Virtuoso P1 Foundations packs our biggest design innovations into our smallest deck release ever.
No exact number is given but the new Virts deck will be the smallest run size of any Virtuoso deck they’ve ever produced — even smaller than Launch Edition. Also, there will not be a public launch for this deck, nor will this be offered to any wholesalers or dealers. 

Virtuoso P1 Foundations (Crimson Edition) is an extremely exclusive collection of Virtuoso decks created especially for the Virts' closest customers. This deck draws from where it all began — the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck. 

Available for pre-order for the next 48 hours for $19 per deck. Production of the Virtuoso P1 Foundations is expected to be completed in early November and the decks are expected to be shipped by end of November. 

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