Fever Dreams Fontaines Released Tomorrow!


The latest concept from Fontaine Cards, Fever Dreams will be released to the public tomorrow (September 12th, 2pm) at fontainecards.com! Following the incredible success of the in-store release and member's drop, we expect these to go fast! 

The Fever Dreams Fontaines are 6 decks of cards - each wrapped in a BLIND PACK. You will not know which of the 6 Fever Dreams decks is inside. Possible decks include,

CGI EDITION - 1 of 4000 Decks printed at USPCC
1993 EDITION - 1 of 4000 decks printed at USPCC
HACKER EDITION - 1 of 3000 decks printed at USPCC
DECODER EDITION - 1 of 3000 decks printed at USPCC
RAVE EDITION - 1 of 2000 decks printed at USPCC
CHARACTERS EDITION - 1 of 1000 decks printed on full foil at Legends Playing Card Co in PRC. 

Also, the  Brick box features a video screen with a charging port and includes 12 single packs. Maximum of 1 Brick + 6 Singles per customer.  UK orders are allowed only for orders above $200. 

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