Released Today! Fontaine ILLUSION PACK Brick


The Fontaine ILLUSION PACK Brick drops today (October 23rd) for members. The pack contains 6 Denim Fontaines and 6 Illusion Packs, which contain 56 Gaff Cards. The first-ever Fontaine gaff deck is a collaboration with magician Calen Morelli (@thenothingexperiment). 

The deck is packed full with brand new optical illusions that are just as fun to practice in front of the mirror as they are to perform. These optical are built on the normal assumptions and expectations about"reality" that so many of us already have. 

Many of these illusions are designed to be openly revealed for a deconstructed reality style of effect Calen is popularly known for. 

Max of 2 bricks per customer on fontainecards.com. Denim Fontaines are 1 of 5,000 decks printed at USPCC. Illusion Packs are 1 of 5,000 decks printed at USPCC. Also, public release on Sunday, October 24th at 2pm PST. 

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