Lotus in Hand's Echo x Smoke & Mirrors Released

Dan and Dave Buck's Smoke & Mirrors is getting another collab, this time with Taiwanese cardistry group, Lotus in Hand. The group's popular Echo deck is getting reimagined with the Smoke & Mirrors brand. The original Smoke & Mirrors brand playing cards were designed to be a personal deck for the Buck twins

Releasing stateside tomorrow, November 6th, the deck is set to arrive in 2 colorways, black and white. The Echo x Smoke & Mirrors sports a 'bullseye' design with Dan and Dave's logo prominently featured on tuck box. The D&D logo design is showcased on the holographic card backs with white borders. Meanwhile, the face cards also showcase the D&D logo embedded within the number and courtss. The Ace of Spades and diptych Jokers are custom. 

Enjoy images of the Echo x Smoke & Mirrors here below, and find the pair arriving at lotusinhand.com tomorrow, November 6th, 12pm ET. 

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