The Good Co Fontaines Released in New York!

Zach Mueller has just released the new Fontaine collab today in New York. The new Fontaines is a collab with The Good Company (Instagram: @thegoodcompany), a clothing retailer specializing in men's streetwear & accessories based in New York City. The in-store only release was sold out in under 2 hours.

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The deck sports a dark green colorway and features a custom Ace of Spades and Joker, the court cards and face cards are standard but updated- the black suits have been recolored to grey to match the overall look of the deck.

Fontaines sports a dark green colorway with subtle wavy lines on the card back with the iconic mirrored Fontaine 'f'.

Also, each order of 12 decks came with a special Fontaine X The Good Company brick box. At the moment, no online release date has been announced yet.

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