Slicers V2 Golden Apple Released!

Slicers V2 Golden Apple Edition playing cards have arrived! This deck is one of the cleanest decks the team at Organic Playing Cards have ever produced. 

A departure from the vibrant colorway of the first Slicers, the V2 comes with a very simple white card back and GOLD metallic ink border plus a dripping golden apple. 

The Gold metallic inks have been extended through the faces and tuck box. In true OPC fashion, the courts are only recolored and slightly customized to keep them recognizable for spectators! Instead of weapons, the royals now have fall treats like caramel apples and apple cider on their hands. 

If you order 6 decks they will come in a very shiny GOLD FOIL PICNIC BASKET HALF-BRICK! Printed by USPCC on Crushed Premium Stock. Limited print run of 3,500 decks. 

Available on riffleshuffle.com for $8.95. 


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