The 3 Major Changes Included in the Latest Edition of Technique Playing Cards

Technique Playing Cards is an innovative deck conceptualized by Chris Severson that is designed specifically to help cardists create Cardistry instantly! The basic use is to pick one of the five colors on the back and that is your contact point. Each time you break off a new packet, you reveal a new back design and also a new location for your chosen color, forcing you to grab only that color(s) and putting you into random positions every time you break off a new packet!

The latest edition of Technique Playing Cards includes three major changes over the original deck.

1. Continuation of the colored border on to the face of the cards. This allows you to continue following the color pattern even when the packets are face up.

2. Addition of pivot contact points like in Flirt type movements.

3. Color change the whole deck with inspiration from the desert. This neutral color pallet goes well with every style when matching your cards with your clothes.

Printed by the United States Playing Cards Company on Crushed stock and Traditionaly Cut! Available now for $10 on techniqueplayingcards.com.

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