Zach Mueller Drops Watermelon Fontaines. Sold Out in 20 Minutes!

The first release of the year! Zach Mueller dropped the new Fontaines on New Year's Day and it is not the Fontaines that cardists have been expecting. For weeks, rumors have been circling about the release of the new Carrot Fontaines. With no announcement prior, Zach posted a cryptic Instagram Stories (Instagram: @fontainecards) about watermelons and a countdown timer.

The Watermelon Fontaines was launched on midnight and 2,500 was sold out in 20 minutes! Those who paid attention were lucky enough to snag a few of this vibrant deck, sporting a pastel red colorway. Watermelon Fontaines is the 12th edition of Fontaine Playing Cards. Decks will ship in 8-12 weeks. Did you manage to cop? Comment below:

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