WIN $10,000 in the Fontaine Trials

Zach Mueller of Fontaine Cards has just launched the Fontaine Trials, a 4-round elimination-style cardistry championship with a grand prize of $10,000! According to Zach on @fontainecards on Instagram,

We’ve been toying with the idea of this competition for a while. We’ve observed many cardistry competitions and after consulting our friends, we’ve come up with a format that excites us. With so many of us staying home to avoid the spread of COVID19, now seems like the perfect time to finally do it. 

Open call submissions started on March 18. Cardists will have to submit one move for each entry video using Fontaine cards only. Videos will have to be tagged with #thefontainetrials. The open call ends on 1st April.

Here are the details:

Round 1 (Apr 3rd-17th): Top 20- 30 seconds video on a tripod.
Round 2 (Apr 19th- May 3rd): Top 10- 45 seconds video on a tripod.
Round 3 (May 6th- May 19th): Top 5- 6 seconds video on a tripod.
Round 4 (May 21st- July 5th): Top 2- Any style.

The judging panel includes Birger Karlsson, Franco Pascali, Zach Mueller, Luis Mecalco, Oliver Sogard, Edgar Isaac, and James Chesmore. Zach continued,

And yes, the grand prize is real. For years we’ve wanted to up the stakes on cardistry competitions, and with a prize this big, we’re very excited to see how it ups the competition and to see who it brings out of the shadows.

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